Batman and Crayon faced murder monkey. The Navarr go oook.

Batman, it’s always Batman. This is not a discussion, this is a statement. When you indulge in your who would win conversation, i need to make this clear to you. Batman would win. Seriously we can stop having that conversation now. I’ve solved it so shut up about Wolverine, the Hulk or Chuck Norris. In fact Chuck Norris. he did one good film and that was  Bruce Lees film, Chuck was bit part. He can’t act, hes annoying so stop going on about him.
Batman would kick his arse.

Batman as he was depicted in Batman: The Anima...

Batman as he was depicted in Batman: The Animated Series (1992–1995) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is why i hate groups, they are full of people. People are wrong and i’m right. Batman, that’s why. Shut up. That and my ADHD like ability to be attracted to the new shinny shiny. Groups i have managed to stay with are the Cubs, LARP and one bike club, and that was due to a women. Now i might add to this that i have managed to commit to geek culture. I have managed to avoid sunlight, spent ages dodging the opposite sex in favor of gaming and know that Batman wins at everything. That’s a hell of a commitment i can tell you! 


So how the hell does the social equivalent of  of an opossum deal with joining a new LARP group? And how do you get a bunch of people who are wrong to agree on anything.
Well with the Navarr it was one part facebook fap, one part excellent brief and one hell of a lot of find out in the field.

So once i got told i was going to be Navarr or it was the dark room for me again. I started to read the wiki. Now that was an education. I hmmm’d and Arrr’d and the found this quote and worried:

‘Navarr Are a Metric Mega F’ton of Awesome. Part 1′

I’m 37 i wouldn’t know awesome anymore if it kicked me in the arse. I stopped being cool around the time…oh hang on geek…never cool, lets move on. So my first idea for a character based on what i am understood to be cool was rejected. So no hoodie wearing, dubstepin’, wub wub pimp for me. However as i explored the wiki and the internetz talked to me that there was still a lot of room for interpreting the Navarr the way you wanted too. Soon i saw comments like ‘thats not very Navarr’, ‘not all Navarr are like that’ and ‘i don’t think the Navarr would…’. I’m just as guilty by the way, but remember, Batman. I’m right.

It was a weird bit of time where we all had an idea of what the Navarr where and we were all right. That’s important by the way. Not all wrong, we were all right. This is a social medium and when you are creating a large group in LARP, what you are really doing is creating the something akin to a disturbing family of 250. Oh and half of the are inbred and wrong’ens.There are going to be arguments, glaring, recriminations, cousins having sex, but we have to get on ’cause we are family. Now in in improvised theater apparently you always say yes and trust the people around you to not be douches. The same rule applies if i ask you for money by the way.

Once we were in the field though we were glorious. The other day i was recounted a story about how bat shit crazy we are. Apparently some of us were captured on the battlefield, what happened? One of us threw themselves on the orcs weapons to allow the others to escape! Um that’s pretty epic.
The Egregores get insulted. The other nations choose to condemn him, we went round with a few lads and the Orcs and had a word. Then got someone to write a counter argument with rude words in it. We argue and moan in our meetings, cause as a nation we speak our minds and we accept that. Hell one of our generals murdered a whole bunch of husks on his own. Our healers are front and center in healing politics. Our senators are ballsey, our killers are hard core and our traders are sneaky. At least one of our Vates walked out of the mages special club saying ‘fuck this, i’ll come back when your useful’. Then the ultimate accolade, we got a nick name. ‘Crayon faced murder monkies’ , now that’s somthing to go on the PD brief. Seriously, do it now, I’m right. Batman.

Not once did we have to discuss anything, we didn’t have to argue about what was Navarr like a roleplay snob, we just did it. We basically said Navarr, hmm Batman? and we all went yep Batman.  It says a lot about how people work in a group, you give ’em a brief and they roll with it and are creative. The differences in opinion about different things? Role-play opportunities. The way you see Briar’s are different to the way i see them, now we could argue that on the webz or we can use it as a roleplay opportunity in the field. Thankfully it’s mainly the roleplay. Oh and your wrong about Briars.

So whats it like in the Navarr community in the field? It’s strange we are very dysfunctional. It has a real feel of a bunch of people who live apart and come together for a bit when they aren’t traveling. The camp is separated between the field and the trees and this is good. For a start you wouldn’t want me in the field as a diplomatic advert for us, could you imagine it? It also shows a different sides of the Navarr. The people outside the tree line show that we aren’t ‘wood elves light’ and give a civilised face to the Navarr. Those in the forest show very basic hygiene skills. It actually gives a feel that some groups are more isolationist or less ‘civilised’ in their outlook.

As a people we shout, we argue and there is a certain passion to us that will always cause that sort of thing. However as a nation if one of us gets picked on we unite, we have shown that a couple of times.  I’m sure in the other nations there is some sort of organisation to their priests…ours not so much. When our Guides get together they speak from their heart and there is no one guide leading them. That wasn’t a decision mind, it happened organically.

There is a real feel of we will follow if your not stupid, screw up and your done with. Again that happened in the field, that’s not part of the brief. Trust me when i say our Generals and Senators are on performance related pay. We aren’t a democracy, we are a meritocracy. A meritocracy that will tell you when you being a tit.
We have songs and a chant that came from nowhere when we tried to get through the gate at our first skirmish.

Our Egregore? hmm long suffering is probably the best description, my regular descriptions that i use would probably get me punched and she scares me….a lot. However when she isn’t dealing with me, she is a bag of awesome who sits in the background herding game around the camp and has the respect of the whole nation. She embodies what we have created as a group, and that’s cool, very cool. It could very easily been a system that was there to say that’s not on brief you can’t do that and it’s a credit that it hasn’t been. Either that or i’m really scared so i have to be nice.

In combat we are pretty much a bunch of murderous loons charging head on at the enemy screaming. Ok we are getting there with battle tactics, but realistically that is down to finding the time to drill and getting used to how everyone fights. If you hit the meta on this we have a few people used to hard core battle systems and some who aren’t. We just need the time to get our stuff together.

What what am i saying? Where else in the world are you going to get a bunch of people together and breath a living community where everyone riffs of each other? That’s the beauty of LARP and it’s an amazing feat that these people  from different background got together to and made this. No one cried Batman or Hulk in the field, we just went with it. That’s the heart of good LARP, that feeling of when you were young, making up stories together before ego made you think that your opinion mattered more than others.



I like that and i feel lucky to have been there at the start when all that creativity happened, of course though i’m still right about Batman.

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