I went to a froth meet and i’ve been talked into what now?

Soooo the terror of new people, discussing nerdy things in public and of course the ever present fear of being judged. Hmm not sure why i would volunteer for something as insane as that! In fact when i suggested that i may want to go to this thing my much better half gave me a look that went something along the lines that i was obviously possessed.

First up, i don’t do these things. I avoid social situations like a paranoid conspiracy theorist. I mean i’m going to a public place to meet other LARPers? How the hell do i recognise them? Will there be carnations or secret handshakes? Will the other people there spot us? pointing and screeching like pod people? I heard that in the north of England the Lynch people for LARPing or was that being civilised? I can never remember. The point is there are a multitude of things that can go wrong, including sudden acts of cannibalism or tossery (real word, see also Laddism and imbetterthanyouitus.).

Thankfully not only on arrival did everyone’s LARPdar kick in and we spotted each other, but without facebook everyone was really nice. As i type this now i am genuinely smiling. So what did i learn from this experience? Well first up as a community we are diverse, but pretty much the same. The Ham and Blackbird doesn’t do food after lunch anymore and i’m really easy to convince into doing stuff.

First up we had LT, PD, CP, Masquerade, etc etc players sat round a table there to chat about not just PD, but also anything else LARP related and to socilise. This was really nice and made a change from that insane turn up get your kit on before time in, role-play, take your tent down and leave in the hectic pulse of events.

It was just good to sit and chat about random crap, without obsessing on the game. To be human beings for a bit. Egghhh and socilaise if i must. My hat is off to Paul as it was a great time and i’m looking forwards to the next one….a week before Empire, maybe a little frothy.

The main problem is that when you go and meet people and talk to them, when you are as week willed as me you tend to get talked into stuff……

For example i’m sat there doing nothing to anyone and the subject of Odyssey came up. So Paul says it’s got small numbers and its good fun, hmm i pay attention and then i get told by other people that apparently it’s good fun, easy to get into and they are part of some group that has split off from Greece.

You know when you see a shinny shinny and can’t help but wander over and have a look, and the the shinny makes you pick it up….

So i got talked into going to Odyssey. As far as i am concerned this was a concerted effort by people to abuse my gullibility and very probably an act of conspiracy, but what can you do.

No other than the obvious questions like ‘I don’t have to wear sandles do I’ or ‘Will there be greco-roman wrestling?’

grecco roman

There is of course that feeling of something new. I’m bad withnew stuff, i tend to get a bit frothy. You know that feeling, opening a new book and breathing it in, the new car smell or new bed sheets. mmmmm. New LARP feeling is just as good and of course that means immersing yourself in as much stuff as you can find to get a feel for it, throwing character concepts around, looking at skills…hang on i don’t have to do skills, they are all pre-sorted? That’s kinda cool, i just have to think about clothes and character? I don’t have to min/max wahoooooo. I have to get my legs out….crap.

Again i can’t praise PD enough for their wiki’s, however some more stuff on kit would be cool. One thing that stands out is they have some how managed to sort PVP out without it becoming anti-social, possibly one of the things i have been looking for for a while. As a hardcore EvE online player i have very strong opinions on PVP, risk/reward, non-consensual PVP and consequences. The idea of a game where players fight and there is a body count, but that PVP doesn’t have you dying under a pile of goblins while you zip your flies up has a massive appeal. The ability to die, even if a healer gets to you is even more interesting.

The idea that in victory you can still lose people even when you have them tended by healers really brings home the risk/reward part of PVP. It also shows the brutal and somewhat randomness of death in combat. In many ways if this was used in a lot more games, heroism would matter a bit more. Do you really want to make that charge? You have healers, but you can still die. Is this fight really worth your life?

The worst part of course is I probably wont be able to manage Odyssey until next year, so i’m full of froth and no where to go. There may be an unfortunate analogy i wont make there.  What is the LARP equivalent of masturbation? Facebook? I think the important thing I have suddenly realised is that i need to LARP more and do a lot more different systems (preferably with NERF guns i can make Zapow noises in).

So yep thanks for that, a new thing with new kit. Something cool to do over winter. Bearing in mind i’m 22 pages into a hand written and illustrated book for Empire along with a pile of jewelry needing to be made, i think maybe a sheet with a belt may just be the kind of kit i need.

As always comment, but more importantly if your in the area for the next froth meet i can’t recommend it enough, even if you aren’t a PDer. 

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2 Responses to I went to a froth meet and i’ve been talked into what now?

  1. Gareth Hayes says:

    Welcome to Odyssey.
    If you decide to join Hellas Phoenicia (the formerly greek nation) then by all means drop me an email with questions if you wish.

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