Empire e3 death by drowning this time!

So just back from an event that ticked most of my LARP boxes. Not a bad mosh, really good role-play and non stop activity. Happy place. Will need to find a way of being grumpy at some point. Empire continues to have certain themes running through it. Great player led roleplay, great people and weather that is trying to kill you. Obviously as the summer solstice it alternated between blistering heat and apocalyptic rain. E4? that would be autumn so i’m assuming death by pumpkins and canned goods.

It was a great example of player led plot. Not only did a fishing trip get arranged to go and catch hydras, it means that when that happens it will be player led.

navarr fishing

It was set up ic, the resources to pay for it are ic, the negotiations to get permission are ic and when it happens it will mean a who lot more to the players when they all die hideously than if they had to go out and do something they as players have no investment in. By that i mean that by the players and the characters being invested it makes for better game. The sudden realisation that we are playing the tutorial of a sand box game. Once the game starts for real i can see a plot team that doesn’t so much write plot as  says how do we make what the players attempt happen in cool ways. It’s very counter intuitive to the way LARP and RP tend to run.

Also PD putting the systems of the Empire in players hands ‘Gwydion gate’ as it shall be known from here on in happened. For political or moral reasons one of the Navarr was attacked through all three of the pillars of the empire. This led to lots of game, game that mattered. Not some evil turning up at your gate and twirling a mustache, but a real threat to loved ones with consequences people would have to live with, not just roll up a new character because they died. This is why i like Empire (And also the reason why i didn’t mention that following the incident at e2 someone went to a magistrate to ask if he could be done for it and was told at worst he’d been a bit thick, but had done nothing criminal as far as the magistrate could tell…shhh don’t tell Colin or he’ll kill me. I am in fact innocent of everything).

It leads to grudges and real rivalries rather than the ‘we don’t like them because they are the hippy faction.’

Last time i thanked Xaivier, this time i will thank the Priest of vigilance who set this up, you gave a lot of players a good game!

The end result of this was lots of fun and interactions between people who wouldn’t normally mix, soap opera level glares and accusations being thrown around. Thank you PD.

The battles where a lot shorter due to the time constraints. I really enjoyed the shorter battles if that sounds weird. They where just punchy enough to get the fear and fun going without taking out the entire day due to logistics, prep and laying down after. After all some of us need a lay down after going up the stairs. Also i might add the battle i took part in was the first time in a long time where i have actually felt trepidation going onto the field before hand, i might put that down to seeing Paul Tucker before hand though.

In my opinion Empire goes from strength to strength and when people are discussing as players how they can make it better you know that something is going really right. The logistics still need some work in some areas, but hey that’s more of a matter of having people willing to step up and help out that any intrinsic flaw in the actual systems. (i.e. PD what can we do to take the load off a bit?).

Oh and as ever the crayon faced murder monkeys were great!

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