A year with the murder monkies

So having had a really bad day at work that has left me wanting to punch dolphins and stamp on the necks of puppies, i felt i needed to touch base with something positive. That just stew on it on an industrial scale. Thing is this isn’t going to be a good, bad and ugly thing. It’s going to be a wow this is how i feel about empire and the people there. Seriously I can talk about systems all day, but how i feel about it and the people is what is bringing me back.

Also i’m going to avoid naming names. There are people that i have met that i could gush about for hours and now consider friends that have impacted me on a LARP and personal level in many ways. Through shared personal stories OOC about shared experiences, IC interactions or just being so damned cool and fizy they deserve a massive hug. You know who you all are and i’m going to miss you all over the next few months (That’s a hint to meet up for drinks by the way!). 

So Empire, a year on. So setting the scene, i think i may have mentioned in the past i don’t do hugging or socialising for fear of death and i really don’t commit to doing a whole year of a fest due to laziness. My first event came a few days after my shrink had told me that i was, along with other things, suffering from social anxiety.  So Four events on and a lot more hugs than i thought i could tolerate lets see where we are.

We are in a good place, this is a great game. Yes the site is still trying to bloody kill me (floods this time) and yeah there are little niggling things. But all in all i’m a happy bunnie. A very happy bunnie. It is going to leave a massive hole in my heart till Easter. 

So a year with the Navarr starting as angry shouty guide and ending up as slightly less angry, less shouty senator has been a hell of a journey. A journey that has been made awesome by the people around me. It is in fact the first time i’ve been doing something like that and i do sometimes spend time worrying about everyone else having fun, but all in all it’s been a really positive thing for me that i’m still enjoying.
The energy and creativity i have seen over the last year around me is astonishing, be it songs, kit, or art it’s all been inspiring. How IC people are and how everyone has developed their characters has made me smile inside, even when i’m storming round camp like a tool. It’s an environment that encourages creativity, rather than stifling it. Bearing in mind how tight the brief is it shows you can have a really imaginative camp even with constraints.
I genuinely love the Navarr, all of you and what we have made as a camp. It shows what i think of as the best bits of human nature. The ability to nurture and create, rather than bitch and moan. The fact that even when things haven’t been perfect people have come back with the attitude of ‘how can we make it better’ makes my bitter and shriveled heart beat briefly with joy.

I was down the pub last night at the PD froth meet in Farnborough, and chatting away i suddenly realised that a) I really wanted Paul’s outfit and b) that I was still really bouncy. I wanted to share stories about the Navarr with people. However the worst part was coming out. Yep i actually have had such a good time over the last year i came out as a LARPer at work. Well to some people…who are a bit weird anyway. But the point is that i have found that i want to share with people outside the hobby all the amazing cool and down right insane things i have seen over the year (try explaining you adopted a new daughter over the weekend to a speech and language therapist). I don’t share my geeky hobbies generally for all of the reasons you can think of, but this has been a pretty special year so, hey it’s all good!

Reading back over this i have not mentioned the game, there isn’t really a reason too. It’s great, it works (mostly) and hopefully over winter those little bugs will be ironed out. The second year is always the hardest because any changes upset people and problems with economics/resources or problems with systems in the long term may pop up. The thing is if we keep a positive attitude to empire and a ‘how can we make it better’ attitude towards it we are going to have another storming year.

It was a really bad day to day, really bad, but in just looking back over the year and the amazing people i have shared it with has cheered me up no end.  

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5 Responses to A year with the murder monkies

  1. PaulCat says:

    Here’s hoping I was one of those that had a positive impact! And I can’t wait to see the Navarr back in the field next year too!

  2. Paul says:

    I’m confused! The outfit I wear at PD or what I was wearing last night? 🙂
    And yes – you were definitely still bouncy – which was good as I really enjoyed the conversation…

  3. Liz says:

    It’s been a blast, and I am quite partial to the murder monkeys OC as well as a certain required IC preference. Keep dancing ( metaphorically of course!) 😉

  4. Katier Scott says:

    Totally understand the ‘frothing to other people’ thing – heck was out at my local last night and was frothing about it to people who don’t even know what LARP is!!!

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