Green Cloaks, Why I don’t want you to play this game.

You know how when you go on holiday to a place and it’s perfect because there’s no one else there? You know how when it gets popular you want to go on a kill crazed rampage to clear out everyone else? That’s how I feel about Green Cloaks. Seriously I want to tell you it’s terrible so you never go.

Unfortunately I was raised not to lie so, if you go you better not spoil it. See the above comment about kill crazed rampages, this is a game that does not need bitter experienced Larpers shitting up the place.

Green Cloaks is a military Scifi LARP with a dash of 40k and Mutant Chronicles. The Terran Sovereignty has reached the stars and has discovered the alternate dimension of the Omega. A place filled with spirits, demons and untapped potential to alter the real world or the Alphaverse. Humanity is locked in a desperate war against the One Bakkur a force of corruption in service to demons and the Tech-dead. Dead humans resurrected by nanotechnology.

Can I just add at this point it is not 40K. When I was first invited along and it was described to me as a bit 40k the person describing it did it a massive disservice. I am one of those people who has watched GW slowly turn its dark satire or the rogue trader period into a teen boys power fantasy wet dream. It does not appeal. This game may have had it’s roots in 40k, but it has it’s own voice and has more in common now with Mutant Chronicles, Platoon or Starship Troopers with potential to drag in a little Lovecraft.

The system isn’t anything you haven’t seen before. It’s a class based system with experience netting you points to spend on skills. The classes are balanced. From the snipers ability to head shot to the Heavy trooper’s ability to guard people each class is unique. The various alien races are treated the same. Each having unique abilities. The last class is Adpet. Humans who have been given implants to access the Omega. They have access the psychic powers and the ability to use tears in reality called Omega Spheres to cut deals with entities in the Omega.

The combat system isn’t anything you haven’t seen before other than you can shoot people with Nerf guns. I’ll just leave that there…You can run around in the woods shooting people with Nerf guns and hitting people with swords while wearing the kind of kit you see in Jerry Brockheimmer
without the lens flare or long lingering shots on helicopters flying over head.

So what was it like? Fun. Sounds odd eh? Most of the time you hear how a game is impressive, has great kit or the battles are good. The word fun doesn’t come up much. I went for the day and in that time as a new player I went on two mission designed for my regiment, went one on one with a demon in a ritual circle, did a ritual to start researching a new ability, got ritual and research training from Will Power, took part in a court martial and tried to not get looked at by something distinctly Amagos looking. I do less than that at my favorite established systems. They all this with six monsters and refs acting as monsters.

The player count? 50 – 70. Most of them young inexperienced Larpers. My god it showed…they were smiling. They were having fun and giving no fucks. The energy coming off the regimental camps was awesome and there was a distinct flavor to each.

The Delmont camp was full of odd and wonderful crooks (including an commanding officer who I watched try to pick pocket my commanding officer. The 109th was full of honorable troops with a strong ethical ethos. The heavy infantry of the 23rd and their corporate sponsors use no adepts. The Kingskeep 98th are made up of scouts and snipers with a real spirit of equality and comrades

This is a fun game played and reffed by enthusiastic people who don’t suffer from LARP elitism.
The bad? Not much. The kit of some of the players isn’t what you would see in the field at Empire or CP, that said this is game played by a lot of younger players who probably don’t have the disposable income that a us old bitter vets have or the years of kit building experience. Also I sit in the camp of moaning about player kit makes you a penis so not so bad really.

A couple of things they could improve is making the background more accessible to new players, however the ref team are friendly and there is a no drama face book group that will answer any questions you want. (Sorry just to add to that a facebook group with no drama? look at all these you keen Larpers acting like grown ups, being respectful and having a strong spirit of community….just sayin’).

Will I be going again? Fuck yes! This is a fun game filled with fun people. Just do me a favor and don’t come.

One last thing I need to give a shout out to Helen and Rob for organising the Summercrow/Wintermark Empire event. It was great fun, great company and ended with my character completely broken. Love you guys and all the wonderful Empire players, see you in a week.

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  1. Tony says:

    Hi. Glad to see that you had fun at Green Cloaks. If you fancy travelling a little further South, I would like to invite you to come along to one of our Dark Sun LARP events, in East Sussex. You can find out more information at or visit our Facebook group. Thanks

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