Larp awards oh my

Now I was going to write up what I thought of the past year in Larp, or at least my little bit. However what with running a thing, Ofstead prep and too much masturbation to reruns of Jeremy Kyle I unfortunately didn’t notice the Larp awards creep up on me.


So its award season, and with that comes the Larp awards. Why should you care and why do they matter?
Well to illustrate them, for a moment, I felt I could do my own take on them with such gems as ‘system with the most people complaining’, ‘Most hated person in Larp you don’t know’ or ‘best character to be talked up on the internet without doing something in a field’ but I felt that could only end badly.
So I’ll be grown up….for a bit.
They are important because it’s very easy for us as a culture to moan, bitch and complain about systems, but how often do we actually stand up and say ‘Bob did a good thing here, let’s celebrate it.’
See for me I see it as an opportunity for me to say this is a thing I like and why I like it. Nominating something is you making a statement to say this was good. It’s not about who wins ultimately it’s about us as a community coming together and celebrate for one night the hard graft that people have put into things that have been fun and entertaining.
The judges who make the final choice get to see that passion and it’s a great showcase for new systems and grassroots Larp too without having to read the badly written drivel of some shitty blog hack.
Now I know a few people see it as a place where the elite are celebrating themselves or a massive fap fest for the big systems. Well feel that way? Nominate. The thing is stuff will only win based on the information the judges receive. Think Falling Down was the best new Larp this year? Nominate it. Think Norseman Sagas was the best medium Larp? Say something (I have, more on that though in the next blog.). You reckon the small 10 person Larp you did based on socialist theory through interpretive dance the best thing this year? You are wrong and deserve to burn, but nominate it anyway and say why.
Obviously I am waiting for a Larp based on award ceremony about Larp, but till then this will have to do.
It boils down to if you care about your hobby and the effort people have put in, say something. For once someone is asking for our ill-informed opinions and it might be nice to give them.

  • That all said, I have some suggestions for a couple more awards that could be added….
    Most passive aggressive FB post in Larp.
  • Person most likely to making up for the disappointment in how their life turned up with lammies.
  • Ref most likely to bore you to death about their npc.

And on a serious note, any chance we could have the following added next year?

  • Most supportive ooc community around a Larp.

I only suggest this as maybe it will highlight those parts of our community that go that extra mile to be polite and courteous to each other, have as much fun ooc as ic and give back as much as they receive. There are some amazing games, with amazing communities around them and as such I reckon that needs recognising. That and maybe it might encourage our better angels for once. Either that or can we have the Larp equivalent of the Razzies and just burn everyone in a big pyre?

larp awards 2014
Anyway want to nominate? You need to email Having a Larp at with your nomination for each category and why before the 8th of February 2015.
The categories are:
Player of the year
Best Small Larp of the Year (less than 30 players)
Best Medium Larp of the Year (30-100 players)
Best Large Larp of the Year (over 100 players)
Best Family event of the Year (involves under 16’s)
Best Grass roots system of the Year (bringing new players into the hobby)
Best New Larp of the Year (debut event run after the 1st of February 2014)
Best Larp Producer – Foam/Latex
Best Larp Producer – Leather
Best Larp Producer – Costume
Best Larp Caterer
Best Creature Costume of the Year
On-line Retailer of the Year
In-field Retailer of the Year
NPC of the Year
Event Crew Member of the Year
Unsung Hero Award
Life Time Achievement
No you can’t nominate Dinklage for outstanding achievements in Larp, that movie was the cinematic equivalent of someone shiting in my eyes.
Oh and did I mention Jonny Ball will be there? So everyone my age and older (which isn’t many to be fair.) will of course having nerdgasms at this.

So see you there hopefully and next from me? Norseman and a GC player event, both of which made my season this year for different reasons.

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