Larp awareness the prequel, or light up stuff what is clever.

Larptronics, Larp awarness day 1

So just walked away from a demo by larp tronics and I’m a little impressed.

Now they didn’t have any swords and you know what that kept my interest. So what did they have on display?

Lanterns that change colour depending on the type of undead walking towards you, smart enough that they different undead had different power levels so would have priority. A servo monicle that would light up and move up and down based on the presence of demons.
Vibrating boxes that a ref could trigger based on if someone was lying or not if you have the intuition skill. The ability for a scout to walk into an area and a box to trigger vibrations at the base of his neck depending on how close he is to hidden enemies.

So what was that about taking calls and refs out of a game and adding immersion? Yep thats a thing. The two stand out bits, for me, were the gauntlet and the door scanner.

The gauntlet allows you to turn lights on and off and activate lights with arm movements. The cool bit? Well it can interact with other units to allow mages to duel each other throwing spells in an arena and bringing up shields to protect them selves and the mana crystals they are fighting over.

As to the door scanner? Well thats a clever box that allows you to use hacker tools and move wires around until you break through. Of course it opens with the correct key card it opens fine. This is a little awsome, because the same tech can be used to simulate diffusing a bomb (it comes with a count down timer), mending an engine or in fact any techie thing you can imagine.

Now tomorrow the sword turns up , but for me the ability for a ref to interact with a player with button presses, the ability to simulate skills without a ref talking and adding a level of immersion that removes calls is far more exciting than light up swords.

Imagine a game where someone fires a gun and you feel the hit without having to fire a bb or wear goggles, lights that turn out when wraiths enter your camp or literally getting that crawling feeling up your back when someone is watching you.

The sword turns up tommorow and you can chat to the guys in person at Larp awarness, otherwise

Right im off to get wankered.

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