I’ll be brief….

’ll keep this brief.

Norseman’s was good, there’s a video.

But no not that kind of brief. You see there are some things in fiction that make you want to cry. You know what I mean. That guy who is a rogue cop and demon hunter who doesn’t play by the rules, that novel with the half fairy dragonmancer. That jarring moment when the protagonist does something insane and over the top that society would go…hang on a minute, um could you try conforming to societal norms and stop shooting people ‘cause ‘I’m just that kinda bad ass that dosn’t play by the rules.’

More importantly when in fiction you have a setting that is a living breathing thing and then stick some person who at best is a sociopath into it, the story loses credibility.

CP are bastards they wont let me have flintlocks on my inter-dimensional time traveller. To be honest they are stifling my creativity and stopping other players enjoying the RP I could provide, think of all the amazing stuff people could enjoy because I’m different. I could teach other people gun powder, that could open up cool new rules and change battles in cool way. Also I know that teleport is a level three, but as a time traveller I could have it, I won’t take the piss either. I’m a responsible rper who will only use it appropriately..

Are all arguments that can be finished with a swift dragon punch followed by a cup of tea and some tiffin.

One of these unconquered is not like the others.

One of these unconquered is not like the others.

You see a brief is a beautiful thing. If the rules are there to create the physics of the world (I have strong opinions here, but hey it’s a good metaphor.) then the brief is the societal rules that stop me playing Jack Sparrow at Shadow Wars.

Join me on this, please. You see as Larpers we want to be individuals that stand out, some more than others, and this means a lot of the time we go ‘well my character is different like this’. The thing is actually being the same works really well too. No really. Conformity is cool. Why come up with a convoluted story about why you are the only person in a faction of knights who hunt wizards playing a wizard, when you could be in the wizard faction? Why for the love of bob would you be the only nature worshiper in a nation of demon worshipers? Go and join the wizards or the nature worshipers. The fact that your faction hasn’t exiled/killed you is because the players are nice, and not murdering you because you paid money and their not dicks.

However you have stretched credibility to breaking point and pissed on other peoples game. To harsh? Fine. Lets take the wizards and knights. You have taken something that defines a group and taken it to another. They are no longer interesting and individual in their conformity, in fact as soon as a few people do this they are boring as everyone has wizards now. The knights? Well they are now watered down ‘We hunt and kill all wizards…other than Gary over there…cause he’s my mate….yeah sorry, what you want us to let you live and join us…no we never…oh, shit…fine here’s your membership card…I hate you Gary.’

And it’s not just big stuff. Here’s a few more sins:

  1. Passive aggressive brief change – I want something and I’m going to say how much my game will be improved if I get A) and if I don’t I feel my game is ruined cause A is B. Well why didn’t you join the group over there that does B. It’s literally designed for you!
  2. The everyone’s game will be better if I can be… – No your game will be better, twat.
  3. It’s only a little thing I’m borrowing from A – Maybe to you it’s little, and thats the problem. To A it’s a big thing, part of their brief that they sacrificed other stuff in the game to have, and you just want it….fuck off.
  4. The Game designer probably forgot about…. – no, you know what it probably wasn’t, it was chucked in the bin along with playable unicorn birds.
  5. Hey it’s just a role-play thing, it’s not like it effects the world – First up die in fire, secondly. If I walk into Empire and say i’m an Orc Merrow with a merrow mask on ‘cause it’s cool role play’ I just destroyed the background, but fuck yeah it’s ‘cool.’

So kids stay on brief, and if you want to play A…play A, don’t go to B and force them to play A. Oh and hey it was kinda Brief, Green Cloaks tomorrow.

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