So its l(A)rp award nomination time again…..

And so the controversy begins. From the ever popular ‘It’s a popularity contest’ to the amusing ‘its rigged’ there is always a little bit of contention it’s time to spread the Marmite.


But hey it’s the l(a)rp community and its on facebook, seriously….

The thing is what is awful about them really?

I mean if they came round your house and took a dump your sofa, you could get angry. Or if they punched a family member I think we can have a pop. Certainly if the l(a)rp awards started dating my sister and then cheated on her I’d get all older brother on them.

However they aren’t going to, they are awards. They do however embody the idea that at some level someone has won something, and that is seen by many as a negative. If someone wins, someone has lost or not been nominated and they could in some way feel bad.

Lets be clear I’m not up for anything and I’m fine with that, if I was I’d take it a as a compliment and if I won something I’d be stunned and find a way of being offensive about it in public. But not winning is ok, not being nominated is ok. As an adult I don’t always have to have what I do validated, however when I see others validated I can be happy for them, rather than sad for me.

That at many levels is a modern societal thing which is probably well outside the scope of some awards for make believe.

The idea that you can be happy for another person is not a bad thing. Sure my fav game of this year Pant-less:The Unveiling isn’t going to win, but hey I had fun and it dosnt need to win prove that I had fun and enjoyed it, but the folk who ran this imaginary horror show would probably be happy that their bleak pant-less Gothic romance was nominated, that someone took the time to say ‘Hey your thing was good enough I thought you should be recognised’.

So if you care about a game or a thing I suggest you say something. Vote. Not to win, but because you think it might be nice to say ‘Hey, bob I voted for you cause your game was cool’ or hey ‘Bobbie, I know you do loads of work out the back no one knows about and I reckon you deserve to know I appreciate it enough to fill in an internet survey.’ (Well maybe not quite like that.).

So what will I be voting for. Well most of it I’ll keep to myself thank you very much, but Grass roots Larp? I’m actually just putting forward University l(a)rp societies. No other group gets more people into the hobby, and that is no small thing. Well it was that or Wizards of the coast….

Where can you find the voting? Here.


To be fair you don’t have to bother, but you know what if you don’t I hear the l(a)rp awards will come round your house and smear marmite on your windows.

So how does it work behind the scenes? Well its easy.

People nominate, the things with the most nominations go on a short list.

That short list gets sent out to the judges who are made up of previous winners and other assorted hangers on, and no you can’t vote on a category you have been nominated in. they pick a 1, 2 and 3 from the list and it is then sent back to the larp awards. Tragically £50 notes attached to such form don’t actually work.

And you know what? If all of this still talk of awards depresses you, just think pundits believe Mad Max: Fury road is potentially up for 9 Oscars, but hey awards are just a popularity contest and that couldn’t have a chance based on a ground breaking story, an actresses performance or any of that now could it….

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