If its not fun, why are you doing it?

If I don’t like a movie, I don’t watch it. If I don’t like a comic, I stop buying it. If its season 4 onwards of Xfiles? You can’t make me watch it.

What I don’t do, even with the last season of Babylon 5, is continue to consume while moaning about it.

It’s like choking food you don’t like while complying about it and going back for seconds. You just don’t do it. Well their as some niche life choices that might make you, but that’s pretty niche and not part of this discussion.

But in Larp we do like a good moan, this blog is evidence enough of that. We like a good moan and we don’t do anything about it other than continue to attend.

I think in many ways its facebook culture, but there is an element of entitlement here too. If I turn up to an event and complain about logistics, heavy hits or something serious, that’s one thing and the correct thing to do, with the organisers.

If I turn up and start complaining their background doesn’t fit what I think their world should be like? That makes me a twat. No really. A massive, prize twat of the highest order. With a badge and medals or twatage.

Its like going to the cinima to watch star wars and complain to the staff that you wanted to watch the avengers, why isnt star wars like the avengers? Luke should have a hammer, Leia should turn into a giant green anger monster and why isn’t the Emperor played by Tom Hiddleson (to be fair more Hiddleson is good, but you get the point).

You see what I’ve done there is read about a game, spent time going I’d like to play this, but only if it fits my view of how it should be. Imagine if that is how we all acted? If we only played games if the people wrote worlds the way we wanted them? What a samey morass of shite it would be?

I mean today I read a treatment for a very cool tribal game with spirits and spirit quests that I have fallen in love with. There is the achingly beautiful tales out of anchor. I mean is there any room for them in a hobby designed by committee?

And that’s what a the hobby would be like if you got everything you wanted grey. Game runners make creative choices about their worlds and as a player I have a choice. I can either accept changes made and play or not accept them and leave the game. It’s a simple choice. There are a couple of other choices, I can email the game runners and give my opinion with the understanding I have to respect their choice, as I am an adult or I could moan about it while continuing to attend their events.

Cause what I’m not going to do is watch the Xfiles week after week complaining its not what I want to watch. That would make me a shit version of Sisyphus.

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